Must-Have Pendant Designs For Each Occasion

Must-Have Pendant Designs For Each Occasion

From time immemorial women have had a great love for jewellery. For centuries wearing jewellery was considered feminine and enhanced their social status. Though that is no longer the case in the modern world, these days it is worn by women to feel confident and beautiful. When it comes to varieties, there are many pieces that can be picked as jewellery and the most popular is pendants. These hanging pieces that are attached to a chain or a necklace effortlessly transform your looks making you sport a stylish as well as feminine look. There are many types of pendant designs available in the market, here are some of the must-haves in your collection.

Everyday Pendant Sets

A casual pendant set is simple but fashionable and versatile. It is comfortable to wear for work, adds personality, and also gives a classy look. When picking out a pendant for everyday wear it is essential that it blends with your dresses without giving an overwhelming effect. Some of the simple designs to consider are symmetrical patterns, hearts, motifs, etc. These designs can be of stone, metal, crystal, or enamel. If you feel like dressing up a little more, you can also have a multiple pendant set. 

Believe it or not, pendants add a touch of elegance to your business or corporate events. A simple pendant design with a chain is ideal as it adds to the flash factor. Multiple pendants with matching studs add a great appeal to your entire attire. 

Pendants for Important Events

Birthdays and anniversaries are those special occasions where you want to look your best. If you are the romantic type then a heart pendant made of gemstones that expresses love and togetherness can be worn. It can also be a great gift for your beloved. These come in many styles, colours, and designs. Depending on your preference, you can buy one along with matching earrings. Name pendant designs can also be chosen as a gift for your loved one. 

You can also choose a birthstone and buy a pendant set made from it. When it comes to the size, even a small one offers magic, so, don’t worry about the size. 

Pendants for Parties

There are numerous options when it comes to pendants for parties. You can opt for contemporary designs or statement pendants for traditional events or receptions. If you are the host for the reception, a statement pendant will garner more attention and also gives more personality to the outfit. One can also opt for a diamond pendant set with studs as it is the best accessory that makes you look stylish. 

For casual parties, there are many pocket-friendly sets options. These come with many studs and bracelets designs for girls Check here. It is best suited for a casual house party or a get-together. 

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are timeless and are always in fashion and for a reason thus it gets a separate mention here! They give the person wearing it a sophisticated look and gel with any outfit. It can be worn on all types of occasions and gives a luxurious look. Pair them along with matching studs and you are perfectly dressed for any event. It is also an ideal choice for gifting to someone special and is always in trend. 

Pendants are a favourite accessory for girls of all ages as it requires little or no effort to look formal, casual, stylish, or even traditional.